2012 Song A Week Challenge (August

by Tom Savage



I'm writing a song every week for the year of 2012. These are the songs for August


released August 8, 2012

words and music by Tom Savage



all rights reserved


Tom Savage Trio Kingston, Ontario

Kingston, Ontario's Tom Savage Trio have been putting their own unique stamp on the Country music genre since 2007, when they began the process of putting songs together for their critically-acclaimed debut release, The County Line. The result was the birth of what Bassist Geoff Chown coined " Dirt Road Rock And Roll"- a blending together of Rock, Alternative Country, Blues, and Jam band elements. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Go Away
don't go away, don't go away
i'm not ready to say goodbye
don't go away don't go away
this world's gonna eat you alive

I feel like we were promised forever
but were only given one night

don't go away

ooo ooo ooo

don't go away

i see you there, i see you hurtin
i see the mystery in your eyes
the quiver in your voice it's alertin
me to something that i didn't do right

I'm a man and I have to admit
I'm pretty good at getting it wrong
but girl i ain't gonna lose your love without a fight

don't go away

Been on the wrong side of winning
been knocked out more than i've knocked em down
babe, I think it's time for a new beginning
I want to see you walk down that aisle in a wedding gown

i'm a man and i have to admit
i've made my share of mistakes
but i'm turning over a new leaf starting today

don't go away
Track Name: Casual Conversation
a casual conversation turns on its head in a crowded room
don't know how you could sit there and look into my soul
there are some mysteries that we may never solve
but there are some lessons that we can learn
if i were a rich man, babe, you know I'd give you it all

One moment we were friends, the next we were swept away
Setting sail for destinations unknown
we drifted out of our bodies and floated through the roof
Lovers in an embrace underneath the stars

she smiled as she shook my hand
said it was lovely to speak with me
she turned and walked towards the door
It saddens me to think that she will never know
how close she came to stealing my heart away
Track Name: Shit Goin' On
all these people with their shit going on
I wish that I had shit going on too

All these folks with their grandiose plans
All I can think about it is this day I'm getting through

All the turmoil in this god forsaken world
I find it has me begging for an ounce of truth

My landlord is telling me to pay the rent
He looks like a donkey and he smells like vermouth

You ever notice that high school never ends
Always someone in my business trying to figure out my deal

We'll be texting each other in the nursing home
Bitching bout the weather and the crappy oatmeal

Sometime's I wanna take a bus to Sante Fe
Work as a tender in a wore-out bar

Meet a senorita with some money to burn
Spend our nights drinking tequila and gazing at the stars

We'd find ourselves a way over to gay Paris
Me , My senorita, and her three-legged dog

Manger le croissants dans le boulangerie
Moi, ma senorita, et son chien à trois pattes