2012 Song​-​A​-​Week Challenge (April)

by Tom Savage



I'm writing a song for every week of 2012


released April 2, 2012

words and music by Tom Savage



all rights reserved


Tom Savage Trio Kingston, Ontario

Kingston, Ontario's Tom Savage Trio have been putting their own unique stamp on the Country music genre since 2007, when they began the process of putting songs together for their critically-acclaimed debut release, The County Line. The result was the birth of what Bassist Geoff Chown coined " Dirt Road Rock And Roll"- a blending together of Rock, Alternative Country, Blues, and Jam band elements. ... more

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Track Name: April Fool
I'm your April fool baby
but you ain't foolin' me no more
You're the one who's been foolin' round
I'm the one walking out the door

Spring's around the corner
But our love will be no more
I'm your April fool baby
but you ain't foolin' me no more

you may have thought
you could pull the wool over my eyes
But I wasn't born yesterday
I can see through your disguise

maybe someday you'll find
someone you can push around
but until that day comes
you'll be living in lonesometown



10 years have past
i got a wife I got a kid
but it still hurts me deep inside
that you treated me the way you did

I hope you are off somewhere
feelin' lowdown feelin bad
cause this april fool
was the best thing you ever had

Track Name: We're Older Now
waiting for the dawning of a new age
listening to Segar Turn the page
out in the driveway on the patio chair
taking in the beauty wonderin what's out there

philosophical discussion , we're way too stoned
I can't feel my body, but i know i'm not alone
it's a hell of a trip this midnight ride
speaks to your soul, hits you inside

we're older now x 3 - x2

voyageur bus trip hunted by ghosts
i guess that a home was the thing we wanted most
laughing and joking masking our pain
made sure we stayed high
so we could stay sane


you went your way I went mine
neither of us can say we really fell in line
with this day to day routine, we're ramblin still
no matter where we go, we'll be climbing up that hill

Track Name: Admit Defeat
your cruel heart
your false start
broken stained glass windows

foolish pride
when did you decide
to just let everything go

your death ray gun
your summer fun
you could fry an egg on the sidewalk

sit on the stoop
shoot some hoops
maybe there's some friends that you could call up

And it ends as it begins
in the end no one wins
We all just stare into the black

don't know where we go
so enjoy the show
while there is still something worth seeing

then repeat

admit defeat

hunker down
get out of town
make up your mind

let it go
or never know
what's there to find

count your blessings first
before you quench your thirst
your cup may runneth over

don't decide your fate
when you're at heavens gate
for all you know it might not be there
Track Name: You've Got Me Crying
you've got me crying
cause you've been lying
don't know what I'm gonna do
Can't stand the thought of losing you
you've got me crying

you've got me hurtin real bad
cause you're the only love I ever had
tried so hard not to let you down
now I hear you're leaving town
you've got me hurtin real bad

summer's come and gone
i hear your movin on
but without you by my side
i can't cross that great divide
baby can't you see
you mean everything to me
and if i can't have you
nobody else will

you've got me crying
cause you've been lying
don't know what I'm gonna do
Can't stand the thought of losing you
you've got me crying
Track Name: Twenty Dollars
gonna buy some beer
drink it in the rain
drink some more til it hurts
then til the hurt stops again

i'm a man made of myths
i'm a myth of a man
wobbly wino legs
working man hands

when the work day ends
my purpose lays dead in that ditch
i'm no defender of truth
truth can be a bitch

we're all walking like ghosts
at least I know who I am
i'm a cool glass of water
in the hot desert sand

rougher than most
toast of the town
you can beg you can borrow
you can't turn it around

we're heading over the falls
there's no steering this ship
no flexing of muscles
or free business tips

you'll know when it's done
sure as i'm laying here
rain on my face
gut full of beer

the good times are gone
like a bat out of hell
teenage cigarette
thrown in the wishing well